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.NET agent v6.19.330.0

November 30, 2017

New Relic Agent for .NET Core 2.0 GA


  • Windows and Linux support, including Azure App Services and Docker
  • Automatic instrumentation for ASP.NET Core applications running on Kestrel
  • External calls via HttpClient
  • Database instrumentation for System.Data.SqlClient, Npgsql, and MySql.Data
  • Custom instrumentation via XML and transaction/trace attributes
  • NewRelic.Agent.Api support

For a more detailed list, see the compatibility documentation.

The .NET Core 2.0 agent is a separate install and can live side-by-side on the same server as the .NET Framework agent. For installation information, follow the procedures for your operating system as applicable:

New Shared Features

  • Database instrumentation performance has been improved.
  • Explain plans are no longer captured by default for supported database systems: Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. Explain plans can be enabled via configuration.

Updating the Agent

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