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.NET agent v6.0.0.0

September 14, 2016

New Features

Async support in .NET.

The .NET agent now provides out-of-the-box asynchronous framework instrumentation. With the standard async-await pattern, as introduced in .NET 4.5, calls to async methods can return while work being done in the called method is still in progress. For supported libraries and methods monitored with async custom instrumentation, the .NET agent observes this in-progress asynchronous work and waits for it to complete before recording timings.

To take full advantage of features in this release please see this document.


  • Fixed method segment naming for transaction traces to ensure consistency. For previous versions of the agent with async mode enabled, some method segments in transaction traces had inconsistent categories and different method formatting. Fixed these to make them consistent in async supported agent. Category: DotNet, Slowest components: Type.Method().


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