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Java agent v7.2.0

September 9, 2021Download
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New features and improvements

  • Scala Library Instrumentation #362 and #363

    • STTP versions 2 & 3 Akka-HTTP, HTTP4s and STTP core backends
    • Cats-effect v2
    • ZIO v1
    • HTTP4s client & server v0.21
    • Play 2.3-2.8
    • Akka-HTTP v10.1 & v10.2
    • For more information, see Scala instrumentation.
  • Scala API support (see PRs above)

    • Scala APIs provided for explicit instrumentation of several of above libraries in case auto-instrumentation is not desired
    • Cats-effect v2
    • ZIO v1
  • AWS v2 DynamoDB Instrumentation #343

  • GraphQL 16 Instrumentation #396

    • Create meaningful transaction names
    • Create meaningful spans
    • Reporting GraphQL errors
    • For more information, see GraphQL for Java
  • JFR feature causing excessive overhead when enabled JFR #203

    • Refactored code to use less memory.


The existing MongoDB instrumentation was partially applying when MongoDB Reactive Streams is being used.

Support statement:

  • New Relic recommends that you upgrade the agent regularly to ensure that you're getting the latest features and performance benefits. Additionally, older releases will no longer be supported when they reach end-of-life.
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