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Java agent v4.10.0

January 23, 2019Download
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  • This release adds Transaction event attributes that provide context between your Kubernetes cluster and services. For details on the benefits (public beta coming soon) see this blog post.
  • The Java agent now supports setting all configuration options via Environment variables. Environment variables will take precedence over newrelic.yml but cannot be updated dynamically since they are read statically on application startup.
  • Adds instrumentation for the Akka HTTP client, versions 10.0 to 10.1.x. This client is used via the Http().singleRequest() method and the agent will now automatically capture these requests as External metrics.
  • Support for MySQL connector 8.0.x
  • Adds official support for Akka Http 10.1.6
  • Span event attributes can now be filtered using include / exclude rules.
enabled: true
  • Rename transaction trace segment parameter key from uri to http.url and rename trace key from database_name to db.instance.


  • Fixes an issue where Akka HTTP instrumentation can cause higher than normal memory usage when an async Directive is used in the route for an Akka HTTP based app. This can also result in mis-named transactions for any paths underneath the custom Directive.
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