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Java agent v4.1.0

May 2, 2018Download
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  • Configuration for custom_insights_events.max_samples_stored format in YAML has been changed. For agents 4.1.0 and above, the old .yml config setting will be ignored, which will result in the agent defaulting to max samples stored of 10,000 custom events. When you update your agent, please migrate to the new format:
enabled: true
max_samples_stored: 5000
  • The agent will log a warning message when it detects that the java.endorsed.dirs property is used. Classes in these directories cannot be instrumented by the agent because they are loaded by the bootstrap classloader.


  • Ensure that custom events added during a transaction do not get discarded if the transaction is ignored via a call to NewRelic.ignoreTransaction().
  • A security update that corrects an issue affecting PostgreSQL that could occur if High-security mode was enabled (or record_sql was set to off) and a query ran slow enough to trigger an explain plan. If the above conditions were met the agent may not have properly stripped out all information from the query. For information on this fix, see the security bulletin.
  • Addresses cases where the agent could not parse database statements that included the IGNORE and INTO keywords.
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