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June 16, 2011
Java agent v2.0.2

Bug fix: Auto RUM compiler error instrumenting some JSPs. Bug fix: Auto RUM should inject header after meta tags. Bug fix: Installer does not modify start script if another javaagent switch is present

May 23, 2011
Java agent v2.0.1

Bug fix: JBoss fails to start with JMX errors (introduced in 1.4.0)

May 9, 2011
Java agent v2.0.0

Auto Real User Monitoring. Support for X-Request-Start, X-Queue-Start, and X-Queue-Time request headers. Bug fix: newrelic-api.jar does not work with Java 1.5. Bug fix: NullPointerException instrument

April 11, 2011
Java agent v1.4.0

Real User Monitoring. Bug fix: setting 'ignore_status_codes' to a single value is ignored

March 17, 2011
Java agent v1.3.0

Component-based transaction naming. Agent API. Multiple applications enhancements. Send data to RPM in UTF-8 format. Bug fix: ClassCastException setting record_sql: off

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