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May 7, 2013
Java agent v2.18.0

New metrics are displayed under the JVM tabWhile the metrics displayed differ between application servers, common metrics include loaded class count, active thread count, active thread count per threa

April 17, 2013
Java agent v2.17.2

Fix: Fixed bug in which application code can throw NoSuchMethodErrorIn some cases using Java agent 2.17.0 and 2.17.1, application code was throwing an exceptionjava.lang.NoSuchMethodError: java.lang.B

April 12, 2013
Java agent v2.17.1

Fix: Reverted transaction naming change on ColdFusion, introduced in 2.17.0.That change caused issues with certain modes of ColdFusion

April 11, 2013
Java agent v2.17.0

Agent reports JDBC ResultSet query timeThis change gives you deeper insight into your database time by displaying ResultSet processing time in aggregate metrics and transaction traces. Fix: Avoid retr

March 25, 2013
Java agent v2.16.0

Adds a stack trace in the transaction trace for slow methods.This change provides additional insight into your slowest transactions.You can adjust how slow a method is before it generates the stack tr

March 13, 2013
Java agent v2.15.1

Fix: Cross Application Tracing does not correlate consistently when using Tomcat 6+Cross Appplication Tracing did not correlate calling and called applications when the called application ran in Tomca

February 28, 2013
Java agent v2.15.0

Cross Application TracingThe Cross Application Tracing feature adds request and response headers to external calls using the Apache HttpClient libraries to provided better performance data when callin

February 15, 2013
Java agent v2.14.1

Fix: Application errors using java.net.HttpURLConnection. The bug, introduced in 2.14.0, could cause errors in code that uses java.net.HttpURLConnection. Possible errors could occur in XML parsing, in

February 8, 2013
Java agent v2.14.0

Fix: New Relic includes property take_last_status to only grab the final http status code.By default, New Relic reports any error status code. However, when this property is set to true, only the last

January 16, 2013
Java agent v2.13.0

Agent can be configured to not send JVM arguments to the New Relic serverThe property send_jvm_props can be set to false, which will cause JVM arguments to no longer be sent to the server. Use this se

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