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C SDK release notesRSS

January 8, 2020
C SDK v1.3.0

New Features Support for Real Time Streaming Event data is now sent to New Relic every five seconds, instead of every minute. As a result…

October 10, 2019
C SDK v1.2.0

New Features More flexibility for container deployments The daemon and the instrumented application no longer have to reside on the same…

June 4, 2019
C SDK v1.1.0

New Features Support for Distributed tracing Distributed tracing lets you see the path that a request takes as it travels through your…

April 23, 2019
C SDK v1.0.0

New Features This is the first release of the New Relic C SDK! If your application does not use other New Relic APM agent languages , you…

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