Share Radar cards and comments via Slack


Integrate the New Relic Radar applied intelligence feed with Slack to send Radar cards and comments to Slack team members and channels.

Radar will reach end-of-life on August 19th, 2019. It will no longer be available in the New Relic UI. For more information, see Shutting down the Radar feed in the Explorer's Hub.

Integrate Slack and Radar

To activate the Slack integration, you must have permission to add an integration to your Slack team. This is often restricted to Slack team administrators.

To integrate with Slack:

  1. In the same web browser, open and log into the Slack web app (not the desktop app) and the Radar UI at
  2. In Radar, select the gear [gear-icon] icon.
  3. On the Settings page, select Add to Slack.
  4. Follow the instructions in the Slack app to complete the integration.
  5. Optional: To be able to send Radar notifications to a Slack channel, invite Radar to the channel using:

    /invite @radar-bot

Slack integration features

When the Slack integration is activated, you can use the following features:

Feature Details
Share cards

You must first invite Radar to the channel. Then, to send Radar cards to a Slack channel:

  1. On a Radar card, select Share.
  2. Select the Slack team member or channel you want to receive the Radar card in Slack.
Send comments to individuals You cannot notify channels, only users. In the Radar card's message field, @ mention a Slack team member, then type comments. The team member will receive the Radar card and the message you enter.

For more help

Recommendations for learning more:

If you are a New Relic customer and interested in Radar's limited release, contact your New Relic sales rep.