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Query builder: NRQL mode

You can learn about how to form NRQL queries in the NRQL docs. The following table gives some additional tips for using NRQL in the query builder.




For each statement or function in your query, you can view a list of valid options, with tooltips.

Example of a prompt in NRQL mode.


You can use multiple event types in an NRQL query.


You can use multiple attributes per event type in an NRQL query.

View previous queries

Once you run an NRQL query, use the My recent queries dropdown to view up the last 1,000 queries that you ran. The dropdown has a search box to help you find your query.


The query builder's autocompleter will display events and attributes reported within the last 60 minutes. An example of this is a process that runs once a day, such as a standard system health check that kicks off every morning at 6:00am. If you attempt to query the event at 7:05am, the event and subsequent attributes will not be visible in the autocomplete dropdown.

These events and attributes are still queryable by typing the exact string.

Multi query

When using the TIMESERIES clause you can run and compare up to 10 queries from different accounts.

To use multi query, enter your first query with TIMESERIES and run it. Once the results are rendered, the Add another query button is activated and you can add another query.

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