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Query builder: Basic mode

Use the query builder in basic mode to create a chart without having to use NRQL, our querying language. The basic mode helps guides you through a query-creation process. You can choose the source of the raw data, apply filters, and use other techniques to narrow the scope of the data in the chart.


As of September 1, 2021, we are discontinuing support of the query builder's basic mode. Instead, you can use our data explorer's user-friendly and intuitive functionality in New Relic. For more details, including how you can easily prepare for this transition, see our Explorers Hub post.

Data type

The query builder basic mode has a Data type selector with two options:

Example of using basic mode

This example shows how to create a chart in basic mode.

When you're finished with your chart, you can add it to a dashboard or share it.

This table contains notes about using basic mode.




You can start typing directly in an empty box; a list of items that match the information you type will display.
You can also click on an empty box to view a list of all of the items that are appropriate for the field, based on your earlier choices.

Saving a basic mode data specification

Every time you run a query, that query is saved in the My recent queries dropdown in advanced (NRQL) mode.


Basic mode only supports data for one event and attribute.

If you want to use more than one event and/or attribute, use the SELECT statement in advanced (NRQL) mode.


Basic mode contains shortcuts that can display more complex events and attributes that aren't generally supported, as in this example (which shows the tooltip for the shortcut).

Example of the Response time histogram shortcut, showing a tooltip.


Any time you see a dotted line under a term, you can hover over that term to see a tooltip with an explanation of the term.

Narrow by

You can use more than one Narrow by definition in basic mode filter; the conditions will be joined by AND.

The WHERE clause in advanced (NRQL) allows OR in addition to AND.


If your query was started using basic mode and if you make changes to that query using advanced (NRQL) mode, you cannot return to basic mode to edit that query.

Any additional changes may only be made in advanced (NRQL) mode.

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