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Introduction to our observability maturity series

So, you've managed to ingest data into New Relic. You've got access to visualizations, began managing your logs, and found and corrected errors with your applications. But where do you go from here? What can you do to help bring everything together? We've compiled a series of tutorials to help you use your data to provide measurable value to your organization that we refer to as Observability maturity practices.

In a nutshell, Observability maturity is about making you successful in one or more of the value drivers shown in the diagram on the above. It aims to identify common customer needs, articulate them, and define a path forward to meet them. These tutorials include use case implementation guides that define KPIs to measure and improve on as well as how to improve them. They also contain reference guides which explain industry concepts in greater detail or cover how to do something, such as improve a specific KPI.

The content in these resources comes from industry best practices, our experiences consulting with customers, as well as our own experiences as software engineers, operations engineers, and SREs. See our list below to learn which guides can help you improve the most using New Relic!

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Operational efficiency

The Uptime, performance, and reliability value driver is about improving reliability. To optimize your observability practice, you'll need to have a strong understanding of the performance of your system and its baseline behavior.

Self-paced training and labs:

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Uptime, performance, and reliability

The Customer experience value driver is about improving and optimizing your end user experiences.

Related reference docs:

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Customer experience

The Operational efficiency value driver is about improving and optimizing your observability costs. To meet that goal, you'll want to ensure your you've set up your observability tools and use them efficiently.

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Innovation and growth

The Innovation and growth value driver is about setting up processes to ensure you're consistently improving your observability practices.

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