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OpenTelemetry in the UI: Logs page

After you've sent us your OpenTelemetry data and opened your service (entity) in the UI, you can click on Logs to see data about your application. For more information about how to associate log data to your application in New Relic, see our OpenTelemetry and logging documentation.

For your data to appear in this section of the UI, do the following:

  • Make sure your logs are correlated with your service via service.name. For details, see Correlate your application logs.
  • To correlate with trace data, the logs need to include the trace context that is contained trace_id and span_id. While OpenTelemetry instrumentation is likely to inject trace context as trace_id and span_id, the New Relic UI expects the fields to be trace.id and span.id. You'll need to configure rules in your log pipeline to translate trace_id and span_id to trace.id and span.id.

To learn about OpenTelemetry in other UI pages, see the UI overview.

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