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OpenTelemetry in the UI: JVMs page

After you've sent us your OpenTelemetry data and opened your service (entity) in the UI, click JVMs to identify which service instances have unusual or unhealthy performance patterns related to the behavior of the Java Virtual Machine.

You can choose several service instances to compare based on summaries of key metrics: response time, throughput, error rate, garbage collection time, and memory usage. Then, you can compare all those instances' JVM metrics collected by OpenTelemetry instrumentation using timeseries charts to spot problems.

Here's a typical workflow:

  1. Click JVMs.
  2. Find interesting JVMs using the table of summarized health metrics:
    • Use the filter bar to narrow down your search
    • Sort the columns of metric values to find outliers
  3. Select those interesting JVMs.
  4. Click Compare to see a display of the health and runtime metrics faceted by JVM.

You can also view all the runtime metrics for a single JVM by clicking the name of the instance in the table.

To learn about OpenTelemetry in other UI pages, see the UI overview.

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