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OpenTelemetry in the UI: Errors inbox

Detect, triage, and take actions on errors with errors inbox.

You can triage error groups inside errors inbox in your services instrumented with OpenTelemetry tracing. You can immediately view details including the stack trace, span event, and span attribute data needed to pinpoint the cause of an error.

How do I get started?

Errors inbox can be accessed at the scoped level through a specific entity or at the global level via the all capabilities page. Please select 'Errors inbox.' The global experience requires a workload to be set up.

Scoped errors inbox through an OpenTelemetry entity.

How are unique fingerprints are created?

As span error events are ingested, we run the events through a set of managed rules that output a fingerprint. Every unique fingerprint has a single error group associated with it. The events are normalized by ignoring identifying values such as UUIDs, hex value, email addresses,etc.

Spans where otel.status_code = ERROR and the span kind is either server or consumer are treated as an individual error instance. Error groups are sets of unique error instances that share a unique fingerprint.

The value of the error group message is determined in the following order:

  • otel.status_description
  • rpc.grpc.status_code
  • http.status_code
  • undefined if all three above are not present

Troubleshooting: In the event your inbox is too noisy, check out these tips. If on the other hand, you’re not seeing errors data in Errors inbox, check out the requirements to get started.

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