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How to get started with OpenTelemetry

You have a variety of options to get started with OpenTelemetry and New Relic. You can jump right into the monitoring of your own apps, hosts, or Kubernetes clusters, or you can set up some demo apps to experiment with OpenTelemetry and New Relic. We have range of instructions that'll help you harness the power of OpenTelemetry to gather data and send it to New Relic.

Set up your own app or service

If you're familiar with OpenTelemetry and are ready to work with your own code, check out Set up your own app or service with OpenTelemetry. These steps will help you gather telemetry and export it to New Relic.

Monitor a host

You can monitor your hosts by using the OpenTelemetry Collector. See Collector for host monitoring.

Monitor Kubernetes

Monitor your Kubernetes clusters with the OpenTelemetry Collector. See the instructions in Link OpenTelemetry-instrumented applications to Kubernetes.

Try out a demo app

Instead of jumping right into the setup for your own app, you can spin up our demo app with OpenTelemetry and New Relic.

Our tutorials for Java and Python offer you a range of options to experiment with OpenTelemetry:

  • Inspect a pre-instrumented app you can quickly spin up to send data into New Relic.
  • Use an OpenTelemetry agent to automatically instrument a demo app.
  • Manually instrument a demo app.

Learn OpenTelemetry concepts in the masterclass

If you'd like to learn more about the concepts behind OpenTelemetry and apply them with a small demo app, take a look at our masterclass. You can try our hands-on tutorials for .NET or Python.

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