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General OpenTelemetry Collector configurations

A variety of general configurations are available for your collector setup.

Health check

The health check is an extension to the primary functionality of the collector and ensures the collector is working.

For setup details, see health_check (GitHub)

When enabled, the local endpoint using localhost:13133 returns the following response:

"status": "Server available",
"upSince": "2015-10-21T12:00:00.6847174Z",
"uptime": "50.0123456s"

Environment variables

The collector configuration supports the use and expansion of environment variables. For example:

- key: "${DB_KEY}"
action: "${OPERATION}"

Proxy support

Exporters that leverage the net/http package respect the following proxy environment variables:


If these environment variables are set when the collector starts, then exporters, regardless of protocol, will or will not proxy traffic.


Most receivers exposing an HTTP or gRPC port can be protected using the collector’s authentication mechanism, and most exporters using HTTP or gRPC clients can add authentication data to the outgoing requests.

For a list of known authenticators, use the Registry available in the OpenTelemetry website.

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