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Install the New Relic iOS mobile app

The New Relic iOS app allows you to view your New Relic applications, infrastructure data, key transactions, synthetic monitors, and alerts from an iPhone or iPad. Learn more from the New Relic website.

Compatibility and requirements

  • iOS 13 or higher
  • iPhone SE or higher
  • iPad Air 2 or higher
  • iPod touch. You can use it, but screen resolution may be different.


Install the app


Depending on your New Relic account, you may need to further authenticate your user.


New Relic's iOS app includes these New Relic products and features:

  • APM (iPhone and iPad). Includes real-time and historical data. Select the icon-txn-list-ios icon to see transaction details. Select Overview Charts to view summary charts of your top five transactions.
  • Browser monitoring (iPhone and iPad). Provide overview dashboard, including average page load time, browser Apdex, average throughput, and more.
  • Infrastructure monitoring (iPhone only).
  • Alerts (iPhone and iPad). Get alert and deployment notifications.
  • Synthetic monitoring (iPhone only).
  • Mobile monitoring (iPhone and iPad). Includes crash reports, network errors, API calls, and active user count.

Data privacy

New Relic's mobile apps only record information needed to help authenticate and troubleshoot:

  • User's email address associated with your New Relic account, including first and last name (for authentication purposes only)
  • IP address
  • Device ID

For more information, see our Mobile data privacy and security documentation.

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