Logs licenses

We love open-source software, and use the following in the New Relic Logs plugins. Thank you, open-source community, for making these fine tools! Some of these are listed under multiple software licenses, and in that case we have listed the license we've chosen to use.

For a list of the licenses used for the New Relic Logs plugins, see Logs plugin licenses.



MIT Copyright © 2014-present Matt Zabriskie
Babel-plugin-transform-runtime Copyright © 2014-present Sebastian McKenzie and other contributors
Classnames Copyright © 2018 Jed Watson
Downshift Copyright © 2017 PayPal
Fuzzy-search Copyright © 2016, Wouter Rutgers
Immer Copyright © 2017 Michel Weststrate
Lodash Copyright © JS Foundation and other contributors
Lodash.debounce Copyright © JS Foundation and other contributors
Moment Copyright © JS Foundation and other contributors
Node-sass Copyright © 2013-2016 Andrew Nesbitt
Prop-types Copyright © 2013-present, Facebook, Inc.
React Copyright © Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates.
React-dom Copyright © Facebook, Inc. and its affiliates.
React-highlight-words Copyright © 2015 Treasure Data
React-json-view Copyright © 2015 Mac Gainor
React-popper Copyright © 2018 React Popper authors
React-redux Copyright © 2015-present Dan Abramov
React-select Copyright © 2018 Jed Watson
React-tooltip Copyright © 2015 Wang Zixiao
Redux Copyright © 2015-present Dan Abramov
Redux-logger Copyright © 2016 Eugene Rodionov
Redux-saga Copyright © 2015 Yassine Elouafi
Reselect Copyright © 2015-2018 Reselect Contributors
Shortid Copyright © Dylan Greene
Snyk Copyright © 2015 Snyk Ltd.

The remainder of the code is covered by the New Relic license agreement.

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