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Uninstall Kubernetes integration

The New Relic Kubernetes integration can be easily uninstalled from your platform.

Ensure you are operating in the appropriate context on the machine where you are running Helm and kubectl. You can check the available contexts with this command:

kubectl config get-contexts

Switch to the desired context using:

kubectl config use-context CONTEXT_NAME

Uninstall Kubernetes using Helm

If you used Helm to install the Kubernetes integration, run:

helm uninstall newrelic-bundle -n newrelic


The guided install uses newrelic-bundle as the default release name and newrelic as the default namespace. If you install our bundle under a different release name or namespace, you'll have to substitute the arguments in the command above: helm uninstall <RELEASE-NAME> -n <RELEASE-NAMESPACE>. You can use helm list --all-namespaces and look for the bundle nri-bundle to find the release name and the release namespace.

Uninstall Kubernetes using manifest

If you installed Kubernetes integration using a manifest, use the same manifest to uninstall it:

kubectl delete -f newrelic.yaml
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