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Configure Kubernetes with a proxy

If you're running our Kubernetes integration with a proxy, you need to configure each component (the infrastructure agent, logging and synthetics minion) to correctly work with your proxy.

Install the infrastructure agent with a proxy

The proxy can be configured by setting the global.proxy configuration option and configure all the kubernetes integration at the same time. The global configuration is shared with the dependencies by modifying the values.yaml file of the nri-bundle:

global.proxy: https://user:password@hostname:port

This will configure all the infrastructure agents, the Kubernetes integration, the Metrics Adapter, and the Prometheus agent at the same time.


We don't support Proxy in the Kubernetes infrastructure operator yet.

Set logging with a proxy

If you're using the Kubernetes plugin for log forwarding, you can configure it to use a proxy by following these instructions.

Set the synthetics minion to use a proxy

Check this README on how to set the proxy for the synthetic minions.

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