On-host integration file structure

New Relic Infrastructure on-host integrations are integrations that reside on your own servers or hosts. This includes New Relic-built integrations and integrations made using the Integrations SDK. This document explains the file structure of on-host integrations.

File structure

Understanding the file structure for on-host integrations that are created with New Relic's Integrations SDK can help you customize your integration, understand and use your data, and troubleshoot problems. On-host integration files include:

File Description
Executable file

The integration's executable file exports JSON data in a format expected by the Infrastructure agent.

Definition file

The YAML-format definition file provides descriptive information about the integration, such as the protocol version it supports, a list of commands it can execute, and arguments that it accepts.

Configuration file

The YAML-format definition file specifies what executables to run and the parameters required to run them.

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