Connect Google Cloud Platform services to Infrastructure


Access to these features will depend on your subscription level. All GCP integrations except for Google Compute Engine require Infrastructure Pro.

To start receiving Google Cloud Platform (GCP) data with New Relic GCP integrations, connect your Google project to New Relic Infrastructure. You must install the Infrastructure agent before you can activate GCP integrations from your Infrastructure account.


Anyone can view and explore the GCP data reporting to your New Relic Infrastructure account.

Only Owner, Admins, or Infrastructure Add-on Managers can manage the GCP integrations.

Integrating your GCP project with New Relic requires you to authorize New Relic to fetch monitoring data from your GCP project. Google's authorization method uses Google's OAuth workflow, which redirects you from the New Relic UI to a Google authorization interface.

These are the requirements for the authorization:

GCP integration requirements Comments

In the GCP project API & Services Library settings, you must enable Google Stackdriver Monitoring API.


The New Relic user that will integrate the GCP project must have a Google account and must be able to view the GCP project that New Relic Infrastructure will monitor.

In the GCP project IAM & admin, the user must have the Viewer role or the Stackdriver Account Viewer permission.

Authorization does not depend on a particular Google account. Any user with the appropriate permissions can later relink the GCP project to New Relic.

Project name

As part of the online setup process, you must identify your GCP Project name. The UI workflow automatically lists active projects you can select.


New Relic requires a specific set of read-only permissions to receive data from the GCP project. Even if the user has broader permissions, New Relic does not inherit those permissions and is not authorized to make any changes in the project. For more information about the API permissions that New Relic uses, see the Google documentation about scopes.

Connect GCP to New Relic Infrastructure

You must install the Infrastructure agent on each GCP host to see data from that host. Connecting your Google account only allows Infrastructure to access GCP metadata, not the underlying hosts.

To connect your Google account to Infrastructure:

  1. Go to > Integrations > Google Cloud Platform. At the top of Infrastructure's Google Cloud Services integrations page, select plus icon Add a GPC account. Follow the instructions in the UI to select and authorize your Google account, select one or more projects to monitor, and then select which services you want to view data for in New Relic Infrastructure.
  2. Authorize: To allow New Relic to read metrics and metadata from your Google Cloud Platform services, select Authorize New Relic, follow the online prompts to select your Google account (if you have multiple Google accounts), and confirm authorization.
  3. Add account details: From the selected Google account, select the projects that you want New Relic to receive data from.
  4. Select services: From the list of available services for your GCP account, select the individual services you want New Relic to receive data from, or select all of the services.

    These services will be enabled for all of the projects that you selected when you added account details. Once the setup process is finished, you can fine-tune the services that you want monitored for each project individually.

  5. To complete the setup process, select Finish.

If you see API authentication errors, follow the troubleshooting procedures.

Explore app data in New Relic Infrastructure

After you authorize New Relic to integrate one or more of your Google project's services, New Relic starts monitoring your GCP data at regular polling intervals. After a few minutes, data will appear in the New Relic UI. To find and use your data, including links to your New Relic Insights dashboards and alert settings, go to > Integrations > Google Cloud Platform.

Connect multiple Google projects

If you have multiple Google projects, repeat the procedure to connect your GCP services for each Google project that you want the New Relic Infrastructure integration to monitor. The setup process allows you to select one project at a time.

Disconnect your GCP integrations

You can disable any of your GCP integrations any time and still keep your Google account connected to New Relic Infrastructure.

If you want to... Do this
Disconnect a GCP service

To disconnect individual GCP services but keep the integration with New Relic Infrastructure for other GCP services in your Google account:

  1. Go to > Integrations > Google Cloud Platform and select Manage services.
  2. From your GCP account page, make changes to the checkbox options for available services and select Save changes.
Disconnect your Google account

To uninstall all of your GCP services completely from New Relic Infrastructure Integrations, unlink your Google account:

  1. Go to > Integrations > Google Cloud Platform and select Manage services.
  2. From your GCP account page, select Unlink account and select Save changes.
Uninstall the Infrastructure agent

To uninstall your New Relic Infrastructure agent, follow the procedures for your operating system or configuration management tool.

For more help

This feature is currently in BETA. For a list of all documents in the BETA, see Google Cloud Platform integrations.

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