Rate limits for Insights

New Relic Insights employs rate limiting to ensure a high level of availability and reliability for all users. The amount of requests you can healthily execute depends on the type of query. A query to Insights occurs anytime an event-driven query is executed; for example:

  • Event charts rendered on an existing dashboard
  • Charts rendered through the NRQL query bar
  • Insights Query API

Most users rarely encounter rate limiting, especially if following these general guidelines:

  • Limit the amount of requests with complex queries (for example, queries with FACET or TIMESERIES clauses, or queries of over a million events) that run at the same time.
  • Limit the amount of requests run concurrently over extended periods of time to a maximum of 5, especially if they include complex queries.

If you are using a query that is rate limited through the Insights Query API, the API will return a 503 error. Dashboard charts in the New Relic UI may also display timeout error messages.

Inspected count limits

Inspected count rate limits are imposed on a per-account basis. Each Insights account has a limit to the total number of events that can be inspected within two different time frames: rolling 30-minute time windows and a 24-hour period. These limits are as follows:

Time period Limit
Rolling 30 minutes 600 billion events inspected (equivalent to a sustained rate of 20 billion events inspected per minute)
24 hours 7.2 trillion events inspected

Once the limit has been reached for a given time period, limiting will be imposed and some queries may be impacted. After the time period has passed, if query volume drops below the limit, restrictions will be removed automatically.

These limits were designed to allow users to leverage the flexibility of Insights and increase query load as necessary. With these limits, users are still able to run more complex queries, dashboards or scripts against the Insights Query API.

In Insights, you can see the inspected event count at the bottom of the query window. This metadata is included in the query response JSON as well as from the Insights API. Here is an example:

New Relic Insights inspected event count

Query rate limits

The current limit on Insights queries is 50 queries per second, or 3000 queries per minute. Past this, New Relic cannot guarantee query performance, and you may be rate limited.

Event type limits

The current limit for total number of event types is 250 per account, in a given 24-hour time period. If a user exceeds this limit, New Relic may filter or drop data. Event types include:

  • Default events from New Relic agents
  • Custom events from New Relic agents
  • Custom events from Insights custom event inserter

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