Customized security settings for Insights

Insights allows you to manage the security of data sent to New Relic Insights, and to prevent certain kinds of attributes and parameters from being reported. You can also control which parameters are reported via your agent's configuration file.

By default, New Relic agents report a variety of application data. However, they will not transmit sensitive information without being explicitly instrumented to do so.

Default security settings

When evaluating security settings for your agent and the data sent to Insights, review the list of attributes sent by default. The default list does not contain any sensitive data. In general, this is simply the relevant data the agent needs to send to New Relic for application performance monitoring. The agent does not send any other data unless you change the default security settings.

Depending on your requirements, either or both of these situations may apply:

  • If the default list contains data you are concerned about, you can disable those attributes from being collected.
  • If you need to send attributes that are not on the default list, you can enable those attributes to be collected. This situation is typical for Insights customers, as it allows you to make full use of Insights' capability to collect and query custom attributes.

If you need to enable custom attributes, do not use High Security mode, as it will disable the ability to collect additional attributes. Instead, follow the procedures to configure your agent's security settings properly to ensure you can send additional attributes while also blocking attributes you do not want to send.

Default events and attributes

By default, New Relic agents send three event types to Insights:

  • PageView: Sent whenever a page is loaded on your application or website monitored by a New Relic agent.
  • Transaction: Sent whenever a transaction (web or otherwise) is observed on your application monitored by a New Relic agent.
  • MobileSession: Sent whenever a new session is initiated from a mobile application monitored by the New Relic mobile SDK.

These events have a default set of attributes. Agents will never send request parameters or any other attributes that are not in the default set, unless they are explicitly enabled via configuration.

Enable and disable attributes

You can add custom attributes to be reported in default Insights event types. You can also disable or block certain attributes from reporting at all.

Most attributes can be enabled and disabled by using simple API calls. To enable or disable agent attributes, change the agent configuration file.

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