APM default events in Insights

New Relic APM automatically populates your New Relic Insights account with your application data. Use Insights to:

  • Query APM data for answers to specific questions.
  • Create charts that the APM UI does not provide by default.

Use the Insights Event data explorer to sample, query, and chart APM event data. You can also add custom attributes to Transaction and TransactionError events.

With APM's real time streaming, you can query and visualize your data for transactions, errors, and custom events in New Relic One and Insights dashboards in near real time.

Use the New Relic event data dictionary to view the attributes for the default APM events by selecting an event name:

Event Description

A transaction is a logical unit of work in a software application. The Transaction event includes information about the app, database calls, the duration of the transaction, and any errors that may occur.

TransactionError Transaction errors occur when a request throws an exception in the code path that was taken to fill that request. The number of transaction errors does not equal the number of transactions, because you can specify whether you want to collect, ignore, or mark errors as expected.
Span Span events are created when New Relic agents, or other tracing instrumentation tools, instrument operations that are part of a distributed trace. See the definition of span.

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