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Prometheus remote write integration

You can use the Prometheus remote write integration to get data flowing into New Relic. Once you integrate, your data will be visible in query-based dashboards (and other query results), often within about five minutes.

Why it matters

Unlike Kubernetes and Docker OpenMetrics integrations, which scrape data from Prometheus endpoints, the remote write integration allows you to forward telemetry data from your existing Prometheus servers to New Relic. You can leverage the full range of options for setup and management, from raw data to queries and dashboards and beyond.

With the Prometheus remote write integration, you can:

  • Store and visualize crucial metrics on a single platform
  • Combine and group data across your entire software stack
  • Get a fully connected view of the relationship between data about your software stack and the behaviors and outcomes you’re monitoring
  • Connect your Grafana dashboards (optional)


New Relic supports the Prometheus remote write integration for Prometheus versions 2.15.0 or newer.

Scale your data and get moving quickly

Once logged in to New Relic, you can get data flowing with a few simple steps:

  1. Generate your remote_write URL.
  2. Add the new remote_write URL to the configuration file for your Prometheus server.
  3. Restart your Prometheus server.
  4. View your data.

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