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Install, update, or uninstall your Prometheus OpenMetrics integration



To install the New Relic Prometheus OpenMetrics integration in a Docker environment:

  1. Create a configuration file config.yaml. Use the example configuration file, or look at the nri-prometheus-latest.yaml manifest file, which includes the nri-prometheus-cfg config map and an example configuration.

    • Required: Add your and a cluster name to identify your Docker container.
    • Add the endpoints to scrape; for example, add the http://localhost:8080/metrics endpoint to collect metrics about the integration itself.
    • Specify which metrics you want to ignore or include according to the prefixes for the metrics and labels. For more information, see the metrics filtering documentation.
  2. Start the integration in the background:

    docker run -d --restart unless-stopped \
    --name nri-prometheus \
    -v "$(pwd)/config.yaml:/config.yaml" \
  3. Confirm the container is running properly:

    docker ps -f "name=nri-prometheus"
  4. Confirm that the integration has been configured correctly: Wait a few minutes, then go to the New Relic UI, and run this NRQL query to see if data has been reported:

    FROM Metric SELECT count(*) WHERE clusterName = 'YOUR_CLUSTER_NAME' since 1 hour ago

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Update the integration

To update the Prometheus OpenMetrics integration, follow the procedures for Docker as applicable:

  1. Remove the Docker container.
  2. Follow standard installation procedures to start a new Docker container.

The integration logs its current version when it starts up. To determine the running version:

docker logs nri-prometheus 2>&1 | grep "Integration version"

Example output:

time="2019-02-26T09:21:21Z" level=info msg="Starting New Relic's Prometheus OpenMetrics Integration version 1.0.0"


To uninstall the Prometheus OpenMetrics integration for Docker or Kubernetes, execute the following command:

docker rm -f nri-prometheus


To instrument Prometheus workloads in a Kubernetes cluster, see Install and configure the Prometheus agent on Kubernetes clusters.

In case you need to migrate from the Prometheus Open Metrics integration to Open Metrics check the following migration guide.

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