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Infrastructure agent overhead

The infrastructure agent is a lightweight piece of software, designed to minimize its impact on the performance of your hosts. However, the exact load varies depending on your host's workload, particularly on the number of processes running on the host. This is because the agent collects detailed data from each individual process.

As a general guideline, New Relic has collected benchmarks for some common types of hosts:

We are always improving the performance of the infrastructure agent. If you see unusually high agent performance overhead, get support at support.newrelic.com.

Manage data

To learn how to adjust how much data our infrastructure monitoring ingests and reports, see Manage infrastructure data.

Resource utilization

On Linux systems, infrastructure is installed with default settings for each supported service manager. A memory limit of 1 Gigabyte is enforced. Please consider reviewing and adjusting the default configuration based on your system requirements.

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