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Connect Google Cloud Platform services to New Relic

To start receiving Google Cloud Platform (GCP) data with New Relic GCP integrations, connect your Google project to New Relic's infrastructure monitoring. If you don't have one already, create a New Relic account. It's free, forever.


These are the requirements for the authorization:

GCP integration requirements



In the GCP project API & Services Library settings, you must enable Google Stackdriver Monitoring API.


For service account authorization (recommended):

You need a user with Project IAM Admin role to add the service account ID as a member in your GCP project.

In the GCP project IAM & admin, the service account must have the Viewer role and the Service Usage Consumer role or, alternatively, a custom role.

For user account authorization:

The New Relic user that will integrate the GCP project must have a Google account and must be able to view the GCP project that New Relic will monitor.

In the GCP project IAM & admin, the user must have the Project Viewer and Monitoring viewer roles.

Please note that this authorization method will not allow New Relic to collect tags and other attributes that can be useful for narrowing down your NRQL queries, dashboards, and alerts.

You can migrate the authorization method from user account to service account from the Manage services link in New Relic's user interface.

Project name

As part of the online setup process, you must identify Project name of the projects you want to monitor with New Relic. The UI workflow automatically lists active projects you can select.

Permissions (only for user account authorization)

New Relic doesn't inherit your Google account's permissions and therefore is not authorized to perform any changes in the project. Also, New Relic requires a specific set of read-only permissions exclusively for certain types of data.

For more information about the API permissions that New Relic uses, see the Google documentation about scopes.

Authorization options

Integrating your GCP project with New Relic requires you to authorize New Relic to fetch monitoring data from your GCP project. You can choose between two authorization methods: Service accounts or User accounts.

Connect GCP to New Relic infrastructure monitoring


If this is your first time setting up GCP with New Relic, you need to make sure that you've enabled Cloud Monitoring API for your project. You can do this in the Google Cloud console.

To connect your Google account to New Relic with user account authorization:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Infrastructure > GCP. On the Google Cloud Services integrations page, select Add a GCP account.

  2. Choose Authorization Method: Select either Authorize a Service Account or Authorize a User Account, and follow the instructions in the UI to authorize New Relic.

  3. Add projects: Select the projects that you want New Relic to receive data from.

  4. Select services: From the list of available services for your GCP account, select the individual services you want New Relic to receive data from, or select all of the services.


    These services will be enabled for all of the projects that you selected in the previous step. Once the setup process is finished, you can fine-tune the services that you want monitored for each project individually.

  5. To complete the setup process, select Finish.

If you see API authentication errors, follow the troubleshooting procedures.

It may take few minutes until new resources are detected and synthesized as entities. See Cloud integrations system limits for more information.

Explore app data in New Relic

After you authorize New Relic to integrate one or more of your Google project's services, New Relic starts monitoring your GCP data at regular polling intervals. After a few minutes, data will appear in the New Relic UI. To find and use your data, including links to and alert settings, go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Infrastructure > GCP.

Link multiple Google projects

For your convenience, the setup process allows you to select more than one project at a time.

After the first setup, if you need to monitor additional GCP projects with New Relic, you can repeat the procedure to connect your GCP services as many times as you need.

Unlink your GCP integrations

You can disable any of your GCP integrations any time and still keep your Google project connected to New Relic.

If you want to...

Do this

Disable one or more GCP service integrations

To disable services while keeping your GCP account linked to New Relic:

  1. From one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Infrastructure > GCP > Manage services.
  2. From your Edit GCP account page, clear the checkbox for each active service you want to disable.
  3. Save your changes.

Disable all GCP integrations and unlink your project monitoring

To disconnect your GCP account completely from New Relic, you need to unlink your GCP account. This disables all New Relic integrations associated with that GCP account.

If you registered the GCP project using a user account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > Infrastructure > GCP > Manage services.

  2. From your Edit GCP account page, select Unlink this account.

  3. Save your changes.

    If you registered the GCP project using a service account, follow the steps below. If you are deleting a custom role, be aware that this role may be used for other purposes besides New Relic access.

    For a custom user role:

  4. Sign in to New Relic and go to Infrastructure > Integrations > Google Cloud Platform.

  5. Go to IAM > admin > Roles, search for the role, select it, and select DELETE.

    For a standard (non-custom) user role:

  6. Sign in to New Relic and go to Infrastructure > Integrations > Google Cloud Platform.

  7. Select Manage Services for the account you want to remove. Copy the value of User and save it.

  8. Sign in to Google Cloud and select the correct project in the Select a project box.

  9. From the navigation menu, select IAM & admin > IAM.

  10. Search for and select the user value you saved, then select REMOVE.

Clean your GCP Projects after unlinking New Relic

To clean your GCP project after unlinking, follow the steps below:

If you were using a user account:

  1. Open your Google user account settings.

  2. Open the Apps with access to your account section.

  3. Choose New Relic application.

  4. Choose Remove Access.

    If you were using a service account:

  5. Open the GCP IAM Console.

  6. Select the project you want to unlink from New Relic and click Open.

  7. Select the service account that is used by New Relic.

  8. Click the Remove icon.

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