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IAST testing status

The New Relic IAST testing status page provides a centralized view of your tested applications, vulnerabilities, coverage, and more at a glance. Viewing vulnerabilities along with their risk scores and potential exposure helps you to prioritize remediation decisions quickly.

Go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > IAST to open the IAST testing status page.

IAST testing status page, one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > IAST.

The IAST testing status page includes these sections on the left navigation pane:

  • A: Overview: The IAST testing status page opens when you go to one.newrelic.com > All capabilities > IAST.

  • B: Findings: This section includes the pages on vulnerabilities and applications.

  • C: Settings: This section includes the install page to start testing your applications for any exploitable vulnerability.

These are the different parts of the testing status page:

  • Resolution status: Check out a summary of the number of vulnerabilities you have by the CVSS severity score: critical, high, and the other along with their resolution status.

  • Application coverage: Pie chart with a view of the total number of applications and the number of tested and untested applications.

  • Potential exposure category: This is an ordered list based on the nature of all the APIs analyzed across all configured applications that provides you details on which OWASP categories potential vulnerabilities fall into based on our testing.

  • Detected exposure category: This is a pie chart of all detected exploitable vulnerabilities by OWASP category. You can compare this to the potential exposure chart to understand what types of exploitable vulnerabilities your scanned applications are most susceptible to.

  • Vulnerability detection timeline: This is an area chart to see the vulnerability detection timeline.

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