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Error tracking with errors inbox

Errors inbox version tracking allows developers to monitor each deployment to check for accuracy and success. Let's say you and your team get an alert that says one of your entities has a spike in its error rate. You identify the source of the error and decide to release a canary deployment. You can use version tracking to monitor your fix as well as the previous deployments to determine if you solved the problem or if you need to go back to the drawing board.

Understand version tracking fields

Before you instrument version tracking, it's important to understand how errors inbox sorts your results. In APM and OpenTelemetry applications, when you're tracking errors the following event fields are checked and displayed in this order:

  1. service.version
  2. tags.service.version
  3. tags.releaseTag
  4. tags.commit

For mobile applications, the event field is appVersion.

For browser applications, the event field is application.version.

Instrument version tracking

To capture data from our version tracking, you must configure fields for relevant entities:

Filter by version

Once you have instrumented version tracking, your error groups will automatically capture data from each release. You can filter by each version.

To filter error groups with multiple versions, use the + operator to choose an OR condition.

You can use change tracking to monitor your deployments. If you have done this, it's important to make sure that your deployments match the same version format you instrumented on your entities so you can match versions from your errors to your deployments.

Find versions by error group

You can also click on an error group to see each deployment that matches the first and last seen dates for your error group. You will only see versions that were live within 30 minutes after your first seen date and within 30 minutes before your last seen date.

You can dive deeper into your error groups by using the chart that shows each of your error occurrences grouped by version.

If you have also set up deployments with change tracking, you will see deployment markers on this chart. These markers indicate when each deployment was released. Click the marker to navigate to the deployment.

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