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Distributed tracing

Distributed traces are essential for software teams who are moving to the cloud and adopting a distributed architecture. That’s because distributed tracing is the best way to quickly understand what happens to requests as they travel through various services.

As part of an end-to-end observability strategy, distributed tracing addresses the challenges of modern application environments. By deeply understanding the performance of every service—both upstream and downstream—your software teams can:

  • Identify and resolve issues to minimize the impact on the customer experience and business outcomes
  • Measure overall system health and understand the effect of changes on the customer experience
  • Prioritize high-value areas for improvement to optimize digital customer experiences

Here is an example showing the relationship and layout of a distributed application.

Distributed tracing helps you track requests across services in a variety of environments.

Quick start

If you want to go directly to the setup options, check out the quick-start overview.

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