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New Relic and CodeStream quick start

Follow these quick steps to get started with New Relic and CodeStream.

Preview release

CodeStream's integration with New Relic One is a preview release limited to New Relic One accounts on our US data center, and your use is subject to the pre-release policy. (This does not apply to all other CodeStream functionality.)

Start with a New Relic account

If you don't have a New Relic account, sign up at newrelic.com/signup. It's free, forever!

Install CodeStream via New Relic

Use our CodeStream quickstart to install it for your IDE.

Install CodeStream in your IDE

You can also install CodeStream via your Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio extensions menu or JetBrains plugins menu.

Install New Relic

Follow the steps in our Add your data UI page to get data flowing in.

For your first install, we recommend using Guided install option, which will set up many integrations with a single command. (Go here for EU Guided install.)

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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