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CodeStream account settings and profile pages

New Relic CodeStream account settings let you make changes to your personal account.

Account overview

The Account menu is located under your user profile menu at the top of the CodeStream pane. The account menu includes options for viewing your profile and changing your profile photo, username, full name, and email address.

The account menu lets you view your profile and change your profile photo, e-mail, username, and full name.

When you change your email address, the old one will remain in effect until you click the link in the confirmation email that's sent to you.

If you'd like to cancel your CodeStream account, click the Delete your account red button.

Account profile

If you click a headshot from anywhere in CodeStream (such as, the activity feed or a discussion thread) you're taken to that person's profile page.

When viewing your own profile page, hover over entries for username, email address, phone number, works on, or the profile photo to see a pencil icon that enables you to make changes to those fields.

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