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newrelic.setErrorHandler(function $callback)

Allows selective ignoring and grouping of known errors that the browser agent captures.



The newrelic.setErrorHandler() API call allows you to selectively ignore known errors that the browser agent captures. It takes a single error handler function, which will be called for each error that the browser agent captures. If the handler returns true, New Relic does not record the error. Otherwise the error will be processed normally.

In addition, later versions of the agent support fingerprinting or grouping of exceptions with a custom provided label. To do this, return an object instead of a boolean with a group property set to the desired string. It's important to know that providing an empty string, or any object that does not conform to this exact spec, is treated the same as the true case, for which the error will be ignored. This behavior is backwards compatible with prior versions.






Required. When an error occurs, the callback is called with the error object as a parameter. The callback will be called with each error, so it is not specific to one error.


Use a basic error handler function

Include the error object inside of the callback function to ignore specific errors that the browser agent captures.

newrelic.setErrorHandler(function(err) {
if (shouldIgnoreError(err)) {
return true;
} else {
return false;

Fingerprinting errors in handler function

Assign custom labels to specific errors for view in the Errors Inbox UI.

newrelic.setErrorHandler(function(err) {
if (isReferenceError(err)) {
return { group: 'My reference errors' }; // error is included and tagged under this label
} else if (isSomeSpecificError(err)) {
return { group: '' }; // error will be excluded!
// return { Group: 'still excluded - prop name has capital G!' };
} else {
return false; // error is included without any label
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