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Browser API used to force a replay to start recording.


  • Browser Pro, or Pro+SPA agent (v1.240.0 or higher)


newrelic.recordReplay() can be called to manually force a replay to begin recording. You must meet the following requirements:

  • Account is entitled to record replays
  • Session Tracking is Enabled
  • Session Trace is Enabled
  • Browser mutation observer global is present in the current version of the browser being used
  • The Session Replay feature is either normally imported, or set to autoStart: false and has already been "started"

If a replay is already in progress, or not all of the above criteria are met, this API method will have no effect.

Use Cases

  • You want to manually trigger a replay to record on certain site pages or under certain conditions, regardless of the sampling settings.


Forcing a replay to start recording

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