newrelic.setPageViewName(string $name[, string $host])
Groups page views to help URL structure or to capture the URL's routing information.


Agent version nr-593 or higher.


Customized page names can help you more effectively group your page views if your URL structure does not provide useful groupings or if New Relic Browser doesn't capture the part of the URL where routing information is stored. The provided page view name will be used in New Relic Browser and in New Relic Insights.

To use a customized page view name instead of the page URL, format the name as a slash-delimited string. Make this call before the window load event fires in order for it to appear correctly.


Parameter Description



Required. Name of the page you want to use when viewing it in New Relic Browser or Insights.



Optional. Default is http://custom.transaction. Typically set host to your site's domain URI.

To further group these custom transactions, provide a custom host. Otherwise, the page views will be assigned the default domain custom.transaction. Segments within the name must be explicitly added to the Whitelist segments in your URL whitelist settings if they do not already appear.


// Or
newrelic.setPageViewName('/login', '')

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