newrelic.finished(time TIME)
Records an additional time point as "finished" in a Browser session trace, and sends the event to Insights.


Requires New Relic Browser agent version nr-593 or higher.

The additional PageAction event feature requires an Insights Pro or Browser Pro subscription.


This Browser API call records an additional time point when the page is finished according to your custom criteria, either before or after the page load event. This is useful, for example, for pages with many components that load asynchronously.

You can only call this API once per page load, and it does not change the other page load timing data recorded for the load. For an individual page load, this call:

  1. Adds a finished event to the current browser session trace, if one is in progress.
  2. Submits a PageAction event with the name finished to New Relic Insights.


Parameter Description


integer (milliseconds since UNIX epoch)

Optional. Defaults to the current time of the call. If used, this marks the time that the page is "finished" according to your own criteria.


aboveTheFoldContent.on('ready', function () {