New Relic Browser

New Relic Browser gives you full visibility into the complete web page life cycle of modern web applications. With Browser, you gain deep insight into how your users are interacting with your application or website. Browser measures page load timing, also known as real user monitoring, but it goes far beyond that to measure:

It's easy to set up both New Relic APM (application performance monitoring) and Browser for the same application. You can also use New Relic Insights to run data queries and create custom dashboards.

With access to New Relic Insights, you can run in-depth queries of your browser-side data and create custom dashboards.

New Relic Browser Overview page > Overview: The Overview page shows you the most important browser performance metrics and issues for your application.

Get started. Learn about the monitoring and analysis features available with New Relic Browser.

Install Browser. Install the Browser agent. Learn how to get New Relic APM and Browser monitoring the same app/site.

Explore page load timing issues. Understand how your page load activity corresponds to New Relic Browser's charts so you can find and fix bottlenecks.

Analyze your JavaScript errors. See activity and stack traces associated with errors. Upload source maps to "decode" minified JS.

Track hash-based route changes. Track AJAX requests, asynchronous JS, and other dynamically loaded pages with single-page app (SPA) monitoring.

Set up custom monitoring. Use the API to report additional data and events to New Relic Browser and Insights.