View cross application traces

Distributed tracing is now available. Distributed tracing improves on cross application tracing and is recommended for monitoring activity in large, distributed systems.

Cross application traces help you to understand how requests pass through multiple applications within your system and where the bottlenecks are in a distributed system. The trace shows you the entire path from entry into your system through all New Relic-monitored applications.

Access to this feature depends on your subscription level.

View trace map details

If your app runs a supported agent version, you will see a Map tab when selecting a transaction trace. The cross application trace map focuses on a single instance of a cross application call flow across multiple applications.

To view cross application tracing details for your applications:

  1. Follow standard procedures to select a transaction trace for your app.
  2. Select the Map tab.

For more information, see Viewing the transaction map.

Trace map > (select an app) > Transactions > (select a transaction) > (select a trace) > Map: Use the Trace Map to view a single instance of a cross-application call flow. This is useful, for example, to find bottlenecks and identify ways your transaction is being used by other apps and services.

The map includes a legend that shows:

  • Type of call (database, external service, etc.)
  • Type of user (mobile, browser)
  • Line width indicating number of calls
  • Color code of the total time spent in the transaction for this path
If you want to... Do this
Isolate a path through the trace Select any node.
View a node label horizonally Mouse over the label.
View different areas of the map Use the horizontal and vertical scrollbars.

If your New Relic agent does not support the map features, you will not see the Map tab from the selected transaction trace. However, you can still select cross application trace links from the Trace details tab. Icons provide links to the cross application trace and the transaction trace:

  • cat-icon.png The cross application tracing link is a "waterfall" icon. You can follow the trace details to another related application.
  • webtx-icon.png The link to the transaction trace with aggregate transaction details is a "drill-down" icon. If the "drill-down" icon appears, cross application tracing details are not available. However, you can select this icon to view aggregated transaction information across multiple invocations of the transaction.

To view cross application tracing details for your applications if the Map tab is not available:

  1. Follow standard procedures to select a transaction trace for your app.
  2. From the Drilldown column for your app's Trace details tab, select the cross application tracing cat-icon.png ("waterfall") icon.
  3. From the called app's transaction trace, view the full cross application trace information.
  4. To return to the original transaction trace (the "calling" app): From the called app's Request parameters section on its Summary, select the Referring transaction link.

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