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Read about the requirements and tips for integrating our Python agent with apps that use the ASGI server Daphne. To return to the general install instructions, go to Install the Python agent.

Automatic initialization with admin script

If you start your app with daphne path_to_app:my_app and use our Python agent version or higher, you can use the recommended admin script integration method. For example:

NEW_RELIC_CONFIG_FILE=path/to/newrelic.ini newrelic-admin run-program daphne path_to_app:my_app

Python agent API

You can use the Python agent API to monitor any ASGI server or framework. To do this, mark the ASGI application entry point and set the transaction names.

Event loop diagnostic support

Our Python agent supports asyncio event loop diagnostics. For more information, see Python event loop diagnostics.

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