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Custom JMX YAML examples

This is an example of a custom JMX YAML file for New Relic's Java agent, including value and definition, MBean, attributes, type, and names for metrics, objects, and attributes. For more information, including a video, see Custom JMX monitoring by YAML.

YAML example

Here is an example of a custom JMX YAML file. YAML files are space senstive.

name: TomcatCustom
version: 1.0
enabled: true
- object_name: Catalina:type=Cache,host=localhost,path=/examples
- attributes: accessCount, cacheSize, hitsCount
type: simple
- object_name: Catalina:type=Connector,port=8009
- attributes: bufferSize, maxHeaderCount
- object_name: java.nio:type=BufferPool,name=*
- attributes: Count
type: monotonically_increasing

Example explanation

Finding object and attribute names

The easiest way to find available MBeans and its associated attributes is to use the JConsole instructions for JDK 1.6.

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