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Install Java agent using Maven

This document explains how to install the Java agent using Maven. For information on manually installing the Java agent, see Install the Java agent and Java agent configuration: Config file.

Install agent package using Maven

  1. Install the New Relic Java agent, using either of these options:

  2. Place newrelic.yml in the same folder as newrelic.jar, unless you specify otherwise in the JVM arg -Dnewrelic.config.file.

  3. Configure the newrelic.yml file (or JVM system properties) with your license_key and app_name.

  4. Pass -javaagent:/path/to/newrelic.jar to the JVM running your application server.

  5. Optional: If using the New Relic Java agent API, make the API jar available at compile time by adding it to your application class path.

  6. Generate some traffic for your app, then wait a few minutes for data to appear in the APM Summary page. If nothing appears, follow the troubleshooting procedures.

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