Delete labels from apps (v2)

Use New Relic One to unify the tools you use to tag (or label) your services, applications, and monitors. For more information, see the tagging UI documentation and the NerdGraph tagging API tutorial.

To delete labels from your apps using the New Relic REST API, substitute your account's REST API key or Admin user's API key for ${API_KEY} in this example.

Delete labels

This API call will remove all instances of the label from both applications and hosts. If you want to remove a label from a specific application or host, you must use the New Relic user interface.

Use a command similar to the following example to delete a label from your account.

curl -X DELETE '' \
     -H "X-Api-Key:${API_KEY}" -i

You can also use the New Relic REST API Explorer (v2) to delete labels.

View the output

The output for deleting a label will appear similar to the following example for a single application. This example will delete the label Production:Main from all locations where it was applied for the account's REST API key.

The output for deleting labels includes:

  • The full key name for the label (for example, Production:Main), as well as the component and name for the key
  • The application health_status (red, orange, green, gray) and the IDs for the label in each category; for example, the health status for app ID 546917 is green (the app is fine)
  • Apps that have this label; for example, the label Production:Main has been removed from one application (546917)
  "label": {
    "key": "Production:Main",
    "category": "Production",
    "name": "Main",
    "application_health_status": {
      "green": [
      "orange": [],
      "red": [],
      "gray": []
    "links": {
      "applications": [

Review return status

There are two possible return statuses when deleting labels:

Return status Definition
200 OK An attempt to delete a label was successful.
404 Not Modified An attempt was made to delete a non-existent label.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources: