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Calculate average metric values (summarize)

By default, New Relic REST API calls return a series of metric data values based on time range restrictions. To obtain the average of these values, include &summarize=true in your API call. For example:

curl -X GET "https://api.newrelic.com/v2/applications/${APP_ID}/metrics/data.json" \
     -H "Api-Key:$API_KEY" -i \
     -d 'names[]=Agent/MetricsReported/count&from=2014-08-11T14:42:00%2B08:00&to=2014-08-11T15:12:00%2B08:00&summarize=true'

If you have an EU region account, the above URL begins with https://api.eu.newrelic.com.


To prevent summarizing data, omit summarize in your API call. You do not need to specify &summarize=false.

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