Multi-location Synthetics alert conditions

With multi-location Synthetics alert conditions, you can set up a New Relic Synthetics monitor to notify you when a specific number of locations are failing at the same time.

Why this matters

For Synthetics monitors that run in multiple locations, a single location will sometimes temporarily fail for a wide variety of reasons. In many cases, a single, short-lived failure does not indicate a problem that would require an alert notification.

With multi-location alert conditions, you can set the number of locations that must be simultaneously failing in order to trigger a violation and send you a notification. For example, if your Synthetics monitor is running in six locations, you might set a condition requiring four locations to fail for you to receive a notification.


Rules for creating a Synthetics multi-location alert condition:

Rule Details
Required check frequency 15 minutes or less.
Maximum locations per condition 50
Conditions per account This feature has a limit of 1000 conditions per account, but some types of Infrastructure alert conditions also count towards this limit. If you get a notification that you've exceeded your limit, contact your account representative or Support for assistance.
Status between checks A failed location check will be considered failed until it performs a successful check. For example: a location may fail and then immediately become available, but New Relic will consider it failed until a scheduled check is reported as successful.

Here's a diagram that shows how a four-location alert condition will be triggered for non-simultaneous failures:

Synthetics multi-location alert condition diagram
This diagram shows an example of how a four-failed-locations setting will trigger a violation for failures that occur one after the other. Note that failed location checks will be viewed as failed until they next have a successful check.

Create condition from Alerts UI

Before creating a condition, read the rules for multi-location alert conditions.

To set up a condition via the UI:

  1. Go to, and start the process to create a condition.
  2. Select Synthetics > Multiple location failures.

You cannot view or edit multi-location Synthetics alert conditions in the the Synthetics UI.

Create condition with the API

Before creating a condition, read the rules for multi-location Synthetics alert conditions.

To use the Alerts REST API to manage multi-location Synthetics alert conditions, use the REST API explorer.

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