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Monitor scheduled jobs

You can use critical thresholds and loss of signal settings to monitor scheduled jobs and be notified when they don't happen.

For example, if your system has scheduled maintenance every 24 hours, you'd like to know when that maintenance doesn't happen.

This technique only works for regularly scheduled jobs that occur more frequently than the maximum loss of signal threshold time of 48 hours.

What you need to know

In order to get the most out of this procedure, you'll need to know how to create a condition.

This only works for Static or Anomaly threshold types..

How it works

Typically, conditions use critical thresholds to trigger incidents. However, you can also trigger incidents with a loss of signal. To monitor a scheduled job and be notified if it doesn't happen, set your condition's threshold high or low enough so that it won't trigger an incident. That way, only a loss of signal will trigger an incident.

Monitor a scheduled job

  1. Create a condition related to the job you want to monitor.
  2. In Set your condition thresholds, set the Critical threshold above or below where it would ever trigger.
  3. Click + Add lost signal threshold, then set the signal expiration duration time longer than your monitored job's scheduled cycle.
  4. Check Add lost signal threshold.
  5. Make sure you name your condition before you save it.
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