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Comet MLOps integration

What is MLOps?

MLOps stands for machine-learning operations. As more companies invest in artificial intelligence and machine learning, there's a gap in understanding between the data science teams developing machine-learning models and the DevOps teams operating the applications that power those models.

MLOps provides a tool for monitoring and observing the performance and effectiveness of machine-learning models in a production environment. This increases the possibilities for collaboration between data science and DevOps teams, feeding into a continuous process of development, testing, and operational monitoring.

The Comet integration

Comet is an MLOps platform that extends full stack observability to machine learning models, and allows you to establish production performance baselines based on model performance. The Comet integration allows you to integrate machine learning metrics with New Relic, so you can continuosly monitor your data across the full machine learning lifecycle. This helps ensure optimal model performance, and helps you achieve better business outcomes.

Integrate Comet with New Relic

Use New Relic's Comet integration to get data and insights that help you build better, more accurate machine-learning models, while also improving productivity, collaboration, and visibility across your team.

To setup the integration, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your New Relic account: Log into one.newrelic.com and click on Explorer. At the upper hand corner, on the main navigation menu, click +Add more data.

  2. Click on Comet: Type Comet in the search bar, or scroll down to the MLOps Integration section and click on the Comet icon.

  3. Select the account ID you want Comet to integrate with.

  4. Select or create an Insight API Key: You need an Insight API Key to integrate with Comet. Create or select an existing API key under the Real time training metric section.

Create API key.

  1. Contact Comet: To set up the integration and view the Model Production Monitoring dashboard in Comet, you need to contact Comet. The Comet team will walk you through each step of the integration process and get you all set up.

Model Production Monitoring dashboard.

  1. View your insights: Now that you’ve set up your integration, you can start tracking the performance of your machine learning models in a dedicated New Relic One dashboard, which is automatically generated by Comet’s team.

Comet dashboard.

For more help

If you need more help, check out these support and learning resources:

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