Python agent and Tornado 3 web framework

This documentation explains requirements and tips for integrating the New Relic Python agent with an app that uses Tornado 3. To return to the general install instructions, go to Install New Relic for Python.

For Tornado 4+ documentation, see Introductory Tornado 4 support.

Tornado 3 support will be removed in a future version of the Python agent.

Automatic initialization with admin script

You can use the recommended admin script integration method, provided you start your app with python and use either the Tornado async interface or the Tornado WSGIContainer. Here's an example of using the admin script method:

NEW_RELIC_CONFIG_FILE=path/to/newrelic.ini newrelic-admin run-python

Manual integration in your app code is allowed but not recommended. See Manual integration instructions for more information.

For more help

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